Lack of Answers Raises New Question: Is Homeless Program a Slush Fund? Will Callahan Change Domestic Equation? Chemerinsky Keeps UC Irvine in Mind; Donahue Brothers Do Their Bit for KidWorks

I’ll start this one with a clear reminder that anyone who tells you that the people of Los Angeles and the rest of Southern California must either agree to any proposal to provide shelter for the homeless or turn their back on an emergency is giving you a false choice. And it might just be a false choice cooked up in a brew of ingredients ranging from sincerity and hard work to politics and cynicism. Anyone who has questions about President Donald Trump’s so-called emergency at our southern border should understand how such matters can be manipulated. Keep that in…

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  1. See Op Ed: “California using Band-Aids for Homeless Wounds” Homelessness cannot be healed with hand-out Band-Aids, nor by adding more than 1,000 new bills into law each year, but by addressing the two prime causes of homelessness, the costs of electricity and the costs of fuels, both of which are among the highest in the nation in California. The new bills each year hit industries with more regulations and fees that ultimately get passed on to the blue-collar workers, who use the services or products provided by those industries in their everyday lives. Very few bills achieve the goal of “being good for all 40 million residents of the State”.

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