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SoCal’s Holiday Symphonica

SoCal’s Holiday Symphonica

A few days before Christmas
Two weeks after Hanukkah
Our landscape is stirring
A SoCal symphonica

Shoppers on Broadway
Like peas in a pod
Wishing each other
Feliz Navidad

Crowds keep an eye out
For gifts that will thrill
From Fashion Island to Fairfax
South Coast Plaza to Hill

When down Santee Alley
Who should appear
But Hanukkah Harry
And a team of reindeer

He pulls up his sleigh
Steps down to the street
He smiles and he waves
To all those he meets

He cannot stay long
He just stopped to say
That Santa and he
Are working away

“There’s trouble around
all through our world
Enough to be frightful
for each boy and girl

So Santa and I
Must share this year’s load
For only one person
It’s too long of a road

It’s a good thing we’re pals
Old Santa and I
Although our faiths differ
He’s still a good guy

We’re splitting the load
All through your city
We’ll visit all homes
The gorgeous and gritty

Whether Christmas or Kwanzaa
Hanukkah or New Year’s
We want to bring hope
And ease some of your fears

If you see Santa or me
Or perhaps another fellow
Dressed in red or white
Or blue or yellow

Remember that different
Doesn’t mean wrong
We all have our customs
Faith, feast and song

Be like Santa and me
As we’re dashing around
Look past the difference
And find common ground”

Sullivan Says 

It’s been my distinct honor, privilege and pleasure to serve the subscribers of this column and the larger community of Southern California for the past three years, and I hope folks will stay in touch with me as I move on to new duties at The Real Deal, with an email address of [email protected] and the Twitter handle of @SullivanSaysSoCal.

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