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  • Introduction of Live@5, guests Rick Reiff and John Moorlach (5:00)
  • The homeless encampment at Echo Park Lake (10:09)
  • The basic questions: Why can’t the City of Los Angeles provide shelter for the homeless and keep the public parks open? Why is this so difficult when the people of LA have agreed to tax themselves to put billions of dollars toward this problem? (13:20)
  • A new homeless shelter in Costa Mesa, where Newport Beach will use 20 of the 70 beds—at about $137 per night per bed, which is relatively high. How does this strike you from a finance and governance standpoint? (17:33)
  • Let’s go on to Covid. Consider two things—the coverage by the media and the communications from our public health agencies. How do you think they’ve done? (25:00)
  • A strange parking lot encounter between a Los Angeles businessperson and an advisor of Mayor Eric Garcetti for the Mayor’s Fund. There’s a lot of oddity in the air. What’s going on? (32:25)
  • Let’s look statewide. The California governor recall—Is it worth recalling a governor more than halfway into the term? (39:21)
  • Candidates for the gubernatorial recall election: Antonio Villaraigosa and others. What about Moorlach? (45:08)