Month: <span>April 2020</span>

City of Hope Lives Up to Name on Covid-19; Another Green Light in Little Saigon; SoCal Comes Up Short on Trump Commission; Santana for Mayor?

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Equation for Getting Over Covid-19’s Practical Damage: Assets + People = Our Actual Economy

An economy is much more than financial activity. Anyone who forgets that basic fact amid the Covid-19 pandemic should visit Peklar Pilavjian at the …

Fine Easter Tweet; Soon-Shiong Miscast as Civic Hero?; Mazzo’s Covid-19 Link; Oaktree’s Acorns; Big News for Jewish Press

I’ll start with a Tweet from Easter/Passover week by Ann Lau, chairperson of the Chinatown-based Visual Artists Guild: “To Fellow #Christians, please do not …