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Garcetti’s Machiavellian Nonprofit | AEG Vet to LA Magazine, Orange Coast | Doti’s Dilemma | Zocalo’s Bren Link | DTSA’s Diversity

Here is the headline from a story about LA Mayor Eric Garcetti’s so-called nonprofit organization in the May 13 print edition of the LA …

Garcetti’s Scramble | National Media’s Miss | LA Times’ Lipstick | City of Hope’s Bertell | F&M’s PPP Perspective | Metchek’s Suggestion | Andy’s Apples

My scoop last week on LA Mayor Eric Garcetti’s bid to get a ticket out of SoCal with some second-tier job in the Biden …

Sources Say Garcetti to Quit | ‘Horrible’ Good Enough on Paloma Street | South Coast Metro’s Luckey Streak | Dulce’s Definition | Various Views on Armenian Genocide

Reliable sources say Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti will announce his resignation this week as part of plans to take a second-tier job in …

Carter’s Tourniquet | County Concedes Conflict of Interest | LA Plaza Doubles the Fun | Just So in OC | Beanie Babies to Bocce | Has LA Times Gone Algorithmic?

Critics from various quarters are bashing U.S. District Judge David O. Carter’s order for the City of Los Angeles and County of Los Angeles …

Glaser as Country Lawyer | Reason to Wonder About Project Roomkey | Federal Case at UCI | D&I Pulls Up Chair at Chapman | Advantage OC Register | Echo Park Skeptic

I don’t know if it was the quality of the online audio or a matter of Patty Glaser being transported as she recalled lessons …

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Sickly Silence This Side of Pacific | Non-Profit’s Inside Game | LA-OC Riptide as Waters Trims Porter’s Sails | Korek Gives Mid-City Museum Plug from UK | RIP Cuevas

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‘Possible Worlds’ Doubles Down in Debut | Haddad’s Enlightened Self-Interest | LA Times Gets Trumpy | San Marino Comp Raises Questions on Uptown Newport | Daisy Chain on Paloma Deal

LA Pols in Denial as State, Feds Scrutinize Homelessness | Will Biden Tap UCI Prof on Big Banks? | Ahmanson Exit? | Soon-Shiong Key to Hedge Fund’s Bid for More Newspapers